The QuestEdit

The Quest is a reality game show competition based off of the hit television show Survivor. Development for The Quest began in June of 2013 and is hosted by Jacob Valentine and Rebecca Chatfield.

Game SummaryEdit

The Quest is a game that takes sixteen people from different walks of life and throws them in the middle of the wilderness for a four day power struggle to be the last person standing to win money for the charity of their choice. During the four day time period the contestants will compete for rewards, power, and immunity. Each player will begin the game with a Bank Account with a balance of 0.00$.  Each time a contestant wins a competition (whether it be on a team or as an individual) five dollars will be added to their personal Bank Account.

The sixteen contestants will begin The Quest competing against each other in two tribes consisting of eight members each. Each round will usually begin with an Immunity Challenge. he tribe that wins the Immunity Challenge is safe and cannot be voted off. The members of the losing tribe will take part in an elimination based ceremony referred to as The Reaping. The Reaping is a ceremony in which the contestants cast a secret ballot against the contestant they would like to see eliminated from the Quest. The contestant that accumulates the most votes will be eliminated and may or may not have the opportunity to continue on with The Quest. At an unspecified point the two tribes will merge into one and the competitions will become individual. At this point everyone left in the game will attend The Reaping regardless of having immunity or not. Once only three players remain, all of the eliminated players will return for the Final Reaping as The Jury. The Jury will have an opportunity to make a statement or ask a question to each of the three finalists. Once this process is finished The Jury will then cast their vote for the finalist they believe is most deserving of finishing the Quest and winning the money for their charity.

Bank AccountEdit

Each player will begin the game with a Bank Account that has a balance of 0.00$. During each season their will be a big placard with everyones name on it with the current total in their Bank Accounts placed right next to their names. Every time a player is on the winning tribe or wins an individual competition 5.00$ will be added to their bank account. Their will be additional twists in the game that can compromise or enhance a players Bank Account total. At the end of the game the player that receives the most votes to win receives all of the money in their bank account for the charity of their choice.


A Reward Challenge is a competition for prizes that will make camp life more luxurious and for clues to hidden powers and immunity idols. Reward competitions can be for food, better sleeping arrangements, or for clues to amulets or hidden immunity idols. Reward Challenges will mostly be prevalent during Phase 1 and will be a staple at the beginning of Day 2 and 3. Reward Challenges are never individual. The tribe that wins the Reward Challenge will receive 5.00$ toward their Bank Account.

An Immunity Challenge is a competition for safety that usually will be the final competition in any round after Phase 1. During the tribe phase of the game, the tribe that wins the competition will be immune, sending the opposing tribe to the Reaping ceremony where they will vote a member off of the tribe. The winning tribe will never attend The Reaping under any circumstance. In addition all members of the winning tribe will receive 5.00$ toward their Bank Account. During the individual portion of the game the player that wins the competition will be immune and will attend The Reaping. In addition the individual winner will receive 5.00$ toward their bank account.

The ReapingEdit

The Reaping is a ceremony that takes place at the end of every round and is where everyone in attendence casts a vote for the contestant that they would like to leave the game. The contestant that receives the most votes is eliminated. During the tribal phase of the game, the tribe that loses the Immunity Challenge will attend The Reaping ceremony. During the individual phase of the game, every one in the game, immune or not, will attend The Reaping Ceremony. The only instances that a player receiving the most votes can stay is if they play a Hidden Immunity Idol after the votes have been cast and before they have been read by the hosts or they have an amulet with a power that can directly impact the results.

Twists, Hidden Immunity Idols, and AmuletsEdit

Twists are events within the game that deviate from the games structure.

A Tribe Switch is a twist in which multiple players switch from one tribe to another.

An Outcast Twist is when a group of eliminated players return for a chance to compete to return to the game. The outcasts return as a third tribe and will compete against the other two tribes. If the outcasts beat both tribes, two players will return to the game. The two tribes that lose will both go to tribal council seperately and each vote one member out of the game. If the outcasts only beat one tribe, one outcast will return to the game. The tribe that loses to the outcasts will attend tribal council and vote one member out. If the outcast tribe loses to both tribes, no one will return to the game and the two tribes are both immune.

Redemption Island is a twist where voted off players compete for the chance to return to the game. When a player is eliminated they will be sent to redemption island where they will await the next person voted off. Once two players inhabit Redemption Island, both players will face off against each other in a duel. The duel is a mini competition that is a winner take all competition. The winner stays in the game, the loser is out of the game for good.

A Hidden Immunity Idol is a power that allows a player to negate any votes that are cast against them. A hidden immunity idol can only be played once all of the votes have been cast, but before the host reveals them.  A hidden immunity idol is usually found by solving cryptic clues to it's location which can be won during reward or immunity challenges. It can be hidden in an alcove, be buried under the ground, or can even be in plain sight. Upon discovering a Hidden Immunity Idol, the player holding it is in permanent posession of it unless they verbally announce that they are giving it to another player.

An Amulet is a game changing power that is hidden and can be found by winning clues during reward and immunity challenges. Their are four amulets in total and each one has a different stipulation.

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